Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ban All Religions

Indiana Governor Pence signed at law allowing businesses to practice religious discrimination.

The case of a Bible-believing photographer refusing to shoot a gay wedding has coalesced the religious right into a frenzy about another attack on their beliefs, however any prejudicial refusal to offer services to anyone because of their sexuality is a hurtful reminder of White America's deep-rooted bias against non-whites.

Judging from his backers in this bill Pence has to be considered an enemy of freedom, however it's shocking that many black churches have fallen in line with their white Christian cohorts in condemning homosexuality as an abomination without considering that their savior was a single man hanging out with a dozen other men and Jesus lived with his mother until he was 30. Judea and Jerusalem didn't have Broadway shows during the reign of Augustus, so we will never know if the Messiah loved show tunes, but considering the enduring success of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, I would have to conjure that my man Yeshua was one of us and not one of them.

We shall survive.

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