Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Slurpee Waves

The winter of 2014-2015 achieved record colds throughout New England. The accumulated snowfall in Boston towered over humans, shutting down highways and public transportation. Even worse were the incessant sub-zero temperatures freezing rivers and coating the ocean with a thick slush tapping at the coast.

At the end of February Jonathan Nimefroh photographed a series of frozen waves crashing to the shore in Nantucket.

According to boredpanda.com, Nimerfroh said that the high temperature that day had been only 19F, or -7C, cold enough for ice to form near the shore, but not cold enough to form solid pieces of ice, which is why the waves had to travel through a layer of slush to reach the shore.

No one was attempting to surf these 'Slurpee' waves.

The phenomenal swells vanished after a half-hour and the sea went flat.

To see more of these wonderful photos, please go to the following URL


It has been a cold winter indeed.

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