Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Drone Bomb Religion

The German city of Koln was bombed 261 times by the Allied air forces. The first thousand-bomber raid was struck against the Rhine city on 1942. The last attack was by a B-25 in March of 1945. The Allies swore that they were not targeting the ancient cathedral next to the railroad station, but the gothic structure was struck countless times by 250-pound bombs without joining the rubble of the devastated city.

In recent years the US Air Force has stated that their bombers can hit targets with pinpoint precision without adding that the blast radius of their bombs are 61-yards or two football fields. I hope that they can improve on this, when they subject the Baptist churches throughout the Bible Belt, although only on non-Sundays.

It is time to end William Miller's madness of apocalyptical vision.

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