Monday, October 19, 2015

Captain Crack To The Rescue

Canada's Steve Harper has served three terms as prime minister without ever winning a majority of the vote. His conservative policies have favored the rich over the non-rich ie 99% of the election. The citizens of the northern nation have had enough, but the opposition is fragmented into several parties incapable of winning a greater percentage of the ballot box. Steve Harper has played the race card and the revolution card and tried to trump the other candidates by saying that they were not capable of handling Canada's economy, but to buttress his flagging polls the prime minister has brought in the big gun.

Rob Ford, the former crack smoking mayor of Toronto, who has a lock on the reactionary suburbs of Toronto.

The man is John Belushi in the flesh.

Wild Crazy and like all white men over the age of fifty a die-hard conservative.

In other words someone with whom you would huff crack unless he was paying for the rock.

Tough going.

Oh, Canada turn back the tide.

The USA will follow.

ps When I last looked the Liberals had a lead in Newfoundland and Captain Crack don't play good out there.

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