Friday, October 9, 2015

Senseless In the West Bank

Not a single Palestinian was involved with the Nazi Death Camps or the wholesale extermination of the Jews under the Third Reich, yet three years after the Fall of the Hitlerites the newly-established UN organized a partition referendum in Palestine for the refugees seeking asylum in Biblical Judah. Despite having existing as a minority in the legendary Land of Milk and Honey since the Fall of Jerusalem, to 1948, the Jews succeeded in winning for than half the land and their terrorist gangs began attacks on Arab villages with the express purpose of driving them from their homes.

Almost seventy years after the Nakba or Day of Sorrow the Palestinians are treated as 'animals' by the Occupation Forces of the IDF or the Israeli Defense Force. The two peoples have fought many wars, while the IDF has suppressed numerous insurrections by the Palestinians to address the injustice of having to sacrifice their territory to appease the German purge of Europe.

The present far-right wing government of Netanyahu had declared that they have ordered the troops to shoot to kill rock-throwers resisting deadly incursions of IDF and over the last few days hundreds of young Palestinians have been killed and wounded by their PM's deadly edict after a late night attack of Jewish settlers outside Hebron.

The dead on both sides have names. The western media never says those of the Palestians.

Abed al-Rahman Abdallah - 13

Shot by an Israeli sniper under orders of Netanyahu.

This soldiers have to stop killing children and women, such as 18 year-old Hadil Hashlamoun shot ten tines and left on the street to die.


The border guards dragged her off the curb like she was meat.

Not all Israelis back this ghettoed genocide, but not enough.

They have the atomic bomb.

They are not scared of anyone as seen during Netanyahu's staring at the UN general assembly last week.

Very Adolf Hitler.

They only see one solution.

Because they are blind to the truth.

Freedom for all.

Peace for all.

There is one world and one people.

And only one moment of life and that is now.

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