Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chrystie's Coming Out Of The Closet

Back in 2008 a nasty rumor about the Democratic candidate for president surfaced from Chicago. The mainstream media avoided publishing a report of crack, sex, and politics. Lesser outlets ran with the story of Duluth man's sordid encounter with Barack Obama in 1999. Mr. Sinclair asserted that the two men had used coke and crack in a limousine, then had oral sex. I didn't believe the claim, but I'm no quitter and said, "Everyone has to burst a little steam every once in a while."

Secondly getting fellated is not sex according to ex-President Bill Clinton.

But little this side of abortion gets the GOP faithful fired up more than gay people seeking normalcy.

New Jersey's Chris Chrystie has remained in the running for the GOP candidate for president of the USA, despite the Governor having a single-digit positive rating with Republican voters and the governor has repeatedly swung hard to the right to gain more traction for his flagging campaign.

While his stance on gay rights has earned him the anger of his constituents and he disagrees with Supreme Court on their epic decision, He admits that gay marriage is law of land in New Jersey, but counters it by saying "If my kids were gay, I'd give them a hug; but no marriage."

His comment didn't fly high with the Lesbian and Gay communities and neither did his statement "Homosexuality is not a sin; people are born that way."

Faced with no change in his popularity, stopping being straight might be more provident for the Governor, although I'm not sure he could find a partner.

But it's said there's a fish in the sea for everyone.

Maybe even me.

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