Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Queen of Torture

Recently several newspapers have reported on Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, whose enthusiasm for harsh interrogation methods in the CIA Rendition program earned the diminutive the title the 'Queen of Torture', since the top-ranking CIA officer has been the subject of a criminal complaint for authorizing the torture of a German national seized by Black-Ops while he was on vacation in Macedonia.

Macedonian agents had mis-IDed El Masri for a 9/11 plotter. A local CIA agent had recognized the error, however Bilowsky insisted on renditioning the Kuwaiti-born car salesman to Afghanistan for questioning.

El Masri was tortured for four months with Bilowsky gleefully gloating over him on occasion and then dumped on the road in Macedonia.

She was the worst of the worst.

Even if she was connected to the presidencies of Obama enough to be invited to watch the assassination of Osama Bin-Ladin with the President. She also served with distinction during GW Bush's two terms. Torture was her speciality.

She will not be able to travel outside the USA without the threat of arrest.

She is a war criminal.

Both in America and overseas.

Saying sorry is never enough.

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