Monday, January 11, 2016

Bowie and Cher 1975

David Bowie's career has seen ups and downs. The worst period was in the early 70s. The English glam rocker succumbed to heroin. His best friend was Iggy. Money went faster than it came and his financial commitments required his appearing on the CHER SHOW. Their duet covered YOUNG AMERICANS and several pop classics. Their timeless collaboration went through than the Hollywood studio.


Cher and Bowie.

Fame has its price and the morning after a long session of sex the bedroom door opened for Bowie's wife. Angie served Cher and David breakfast and left the room. Cher was freaked by the intrusion.

David was merely high.

Here's the Youtube URL of that momentous show.

Great trash

N'est pas?

And what's with Cher's thatched roof?

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