Thursday, March 24, 2016

Old Sol's Cosmic Vortex

Man has gazed into the stars for millions of years from the time of Richard Leakey's Lucy in Africa to the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon into the Druids' sun meters at Stonehenge to present-day astronomers surveying the galaxy and beyond with orbiting telescopes and earthbound radio transmitters.

For most of that time the earth was considered the center of the universe, although that belief was challenged by Galileo, who discovered the first hints of a heliocentric solar system. His heresy earned the scientist a lifelong house arrest from a Vatican clinging to the ancient translation of the stars, however his doubt inspired the search for the truth and nowadays most intelligent people accept that the solar system is traveling through the galaxy.

Of course flat-earthers from the Bible Belt still adhere to the bible-thumpers' canon of the sun being stuck on the back of God.

There is no room for science in the hearts of the faithful, but recently DJ Sadhu, a computer graphic designer, constructed a video of Ole Sol's travels with the nine orbiting planets. His naming the passage as a vortex has upset many naysayers attached to the old heliocentric model, calling his video fanciful, but controlled chaos makes sense to me and should to any like thinker, even if it's hooey.

Decide for yourself and view a version of the solar system's passage through space by going to the following URL

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