Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thai Fatale

Some stupid motherfuckers at ONION thought it was hilarious to sell a tee-shirt silkscreened with the logo I WENT TO THAILAND AND ONLY GOT A STUPID WHORE. I liked ONION before this, but now they're only worthy of the devil's piss if they're on fire. Like what's wrong with whores and they are the most pleasant side of Asia. Not Angkor Wat. Not The Yangtzee River. The girls of Soi Six.

It's a livable danger.

Many farangs call Thailand 'Disneyworld for Adults', however the UK Foreign Office reports that more Britons die in the Land of Smiles than any other tourist destination and that includes Blackpool.

269 with most deaths attributed to motorbike accidents. These numbers might be higher since not everything was reported to the authorities. Most ride on little scooters. People get drunk and think they are Moto-GP riders, except a Yamaha Neuvo can't corner the curves on Koh Samui at 100kph. Most tourist end up in the scenery.

Drug arrests were also featured in the report.

Spain was #1, the United Arab Emirates #2, and Thailand picked up the bronze.

So unlike Disneyworld prepare for a rough ride sometimes.

The life you save might be your own.

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