Thursday, December 1, 2016

Donald Trump's Grreat

Donald Trump touched his followers with his promise of leading America to greatness and his election to the White House shocked his Democratic opponents. The actual vote gave the plurality to the former Secretary of State, despite the suspect results from the electronic voting machines. Hillary Clinton accepted the results and her supporters cried at the defeat. Emboldened by Trump's success the far right wing of the USA has risen from the ashes and the president-elect has been rewarding the loyalty of team players with prospective cabinet positions.

The list is scary.

But I'm not scared, because I have seceded from these next four years to cast my support from the opposition left of the Democrats.

They are no better than Trump.

And with few exceptions never will be.

Down with Trump.

The sooner the better.

And what about his plans for the White House decor.

After all Donald stole his campaign motto from Tony the Tiger.

Making America grrreat.

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