Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trump To Taiwan

The Communist army under Mao defeated the Nationalists and on 7 December 1949 Chiang Kai-shek ordered the evacuation of his government, the gold reserves, priceless art, and his KMT army to the southern island of Taiwan. The USA and its allies recognized Taiwan as the Republic of China, however Nixon's trips to Peking normalized diplomatic relationship between the two superpowers and The KMT republic became an outlaw state ousted from the UN in 1971.

Since then communications between theTaiwan and the USA have been conducted through back channels such as the Vatican, however this week President-Elect Donald Trump accepted a phone call from the Taiwanese leader and the Republic of China complained about this breach of policy aimed at confronting China as a economic and military enemy of America. Trump poopoo-ed the criticisms despite his hotel interests on the island.

His vice presidential choice Mike Pence exclaimed on MEET THE PRESS, “I think most Americans and frankly most leaders around the world know this for what it was. And it’s all part and parcel. I think you’re going to see in a President Donald Trump a willingness to engage the world but engage the world on America’s terms.”

Of course this phone call could be a card to play in his upcoming negotiations with China.

He wants to show he ain't playing by the same rules of One China as yesterday.

He's the new Maddog on the loose.

And he knows his pu pu platters.

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