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Thai Impotency hit 40% - Europe 50% - USA 80%

"Fear is the first time you can get an erection for the second time. Terror is the second time you can't get it up for the first time."

New Year's Eve 1980. NYC. 6am-5pm Jan.2. I played domino with three girls in fur bikinis and a PR ye-ho dealer. Mario of 'Mario can you get me into Studio' fame. The windows were glazed with aluminum foil against the progression of time. I left with the prettiest of the girls.


I wanted to make love with her for months. We shared the same last name. It was almost incest.

Except I couldn't get it up.

Cock-blocked by coke.

Several years later I stopped in LA.

On the way to Asia.

Nina was living there. High-power stylist. In with the in crowd.

We went out. We drank. We didn't make it to a hotel.

Just a car.

Once more I suffered softitis as extreme was Michelangelo's David.

"She told me it happens to men."

"Not to me. Not with you."

"Don't worry. It's normal."

But it wasn't. Nina snitched about my no-show to her girlfriends, who told the tale till every woman in America had heard, "He don't got game."


But I'm not alone.

Every day millions of men over 40 are stricken by penile dysfunction.

Thailand 30%. Europe 50%. The USA 80%.

No one is having children in Europe and American men are too fat to have sex with even fatter women. Thai men are only impotent because they drink too much.

Impotency tends to get blamed on such diseases as diabetes and heart conditions along with stress and anxiety, however perfectly healthy men finds themselves short of testerone at the moment of truth and have to fake a headache or worst a hangover to avoid the shame of not getting it up.

Of course in America this failure rarely gets faulted to the obesity of the female or in Thailand that the women are shrews. This talk is banned by doctors and women alike, because for every beautiful woman there's a man down the street tired of having sex with her. Think about the men stuck with fat hags and skinny bitches. Almost enough to turn them gay, except thanks to the advances in DSL connections men around the world can find relief through XXX porno sites.

Viagra (real and fake), sperm load enhancers, and size enlargers are offered along with hair growth pills and online pornography.

From the spam ads sprouting on my email address I would almostbe afraid to unzip my fly at a Yankee stadium men's room, unless my penis was longer than John Holmes' schlong. I have personally tested over 200 different penis enlargement products and gained about 1mm of extra length. Strangely the only part of a man's body that doesn't gain size as he gets fatter is the penis. So I've resigned myself to never ever dropping my trousers and hearing a woman or man say, "Not with that you don't."

'Small penis syndrome' is another effect of watching too much porno, although those more polite people might refer to it as "genital body almost be".

Size size size and if it's not size then it's hardness and I've tried chemical libido aids. Cialis is much more preferable to Viagra, since blue boys' side effects produce pounding headaches and hot flashes like you're entering terminal stages of male menopause.

The drug companies have been raking in billions with blue boys and the like. No one is talking about the dangers. It's rumored that scores of westerners are brought to the Pattaya hospitals monthly with heart attacks due to over-doing their exercises.

Mostly push-ups on Soi 6.

Worst than Blue boys are the Indian gels.

A friend of mine swore by the gels and he now complains about his eyesight failing and the doctor said it was from the capillaries being expanded by these gels. Most doctors in Thailand are specialists so if it wasn't an eye doctors then there is a good chance the MD didn't know what he was talking about, still it's a concern.

Personally I don't fancy touring the fleshpots of the world with a Seeing Eye dog.

Not being bald I've focused my last effort of increasing my money shot, because some of these XXX studs can dump buckets of sperm into the eager mouths of wanton western world.

There seems to be millions of these harlots on the internet, yet none in America. Accordingly a recent study reported that 60% of US males spend 2-3 hours a night before a computer screen downloading porno. The sicker the better for flogging the dolphin, yet this year for the first time the industry experienced a drop in sales.

Impotency has hit masturbation too.

Will they resort to the Chinese cuisine of virility?

Chinese will eat anything to achieve potency. Monkey brains, crocodiles penises, tiger balls, and bear spleens without ever taking into consideration that there are 100 million more men in China than women.

Once more it's to the computer screen.

Except in Pattaya where someone is always willing to take you on for a price.

Whatever you do be careful with these marital aids.

Blindness or impotency.

That's the gamble

But most men think so much about sex that when they get the chance to have sex they freeze up unless the circumstances mirror their fantasies. Comes from watching too much porno. Adonia. The inability to experience pleasure. And this is in Thailand where everything is available. What hope is there for the UK? Or America? It's surprising they even have children.

Amazing that men have so much trouble performing what comes so natural to other animals if the female is in the mood. I was back in the States recently and asked my friends when the last time they had sex and none of them said within a month. Few hadn't for six months. And this had nothing to do with dysfunction.

They had lost interest.

Except for when they are on the internet surfing porn

But they wouldn't admit to that malaise.

I only suffer no wood when I'm with someone I don't really desire, especially if sex is an after-thought to drinking. All night you drink beer and the blood goes to your stomach. You go home. Your wife takes one look at you and says, "You have to be kidding."

Not exactly motivation for an erection. Then you look in the mirror. You drunk idiot. More negativity. And you sit in front of the TV rather than face your wife or girlfriend.

End of story.

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