Sunday, November 25, 2012

The What Button

A Parisienne friend was at the Doors at the Paris Museum of Modern Art and discovered that someone had added new images to the men and femmes bathrooms. I played ignorant and asked, "What's the dot over the F line?" Ruth responded immediately, "Seriously? We need to talk. "Is it something mythical? "The on button for a woman." "Where's the off button?" I have certainly never found one with any woman I met over my sixty years of life. "Why would you want one?" Ruth was mystified by my query. "So I would know that a woman loves me for just me." In truth I should have answered 'a desire for peace and quiet'/ "The button is not a spot I reckon you could be loved for your brain and how it has you coordinating your Self and your "Id"." I loved how women have no idea what men think, for I have no Id only an idiot button which get's turned on after six beers. I am a simple man.

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