Sunday, July 3, 2016

Up The Monarchy

Last week Britain voted on whether to exit or remain in the European Union.

The Exiters won the referendum by 5% on the strength of Old England's disdain for Europe, for as the well-worn adage says, "Asia begins at the Channel."

The Royals have stayed out of the fray.

Queen Elizabeth has said nothing nor has anyone in her family.

They are just not political, which begs the question; "What are they there for?"

Ornamentation? figured each British taxpayer contributes 56p to finance the royals.

"Newspapers have been quick to point out that Prince Andrew squandered £14,692 on a round trip to see the golf at Muirfield. Prince Edward, meanwhile, took a £46,198 charter flight to Sofia, Bucharest and Ljubljana. And big brother Prince Charles blew an impressive £246,160 on a private jet to Nelson Mandela's funeral."

All to support the memory of greatness.

But it's welfare for the upper class of the upper class at a time when the Tories are dismantling the NHS ie the National Health System in favor of privatization of hospital to benefit corporate profit.

Another subject on which the royals remain mum.

Time to seriously consider ending the reign of these leaches.

An end to empire.

Unite Eire.

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