Monday, July 11, 2016

Bad Week In Bad America

America was shocked by the brutal double-killing of Alton Sterling by a Baton Rouge police officer. 911 had received a gun call from someone at the convenience store where Sterling sold CDs. the illegal gun in Sterling's possession had been purchased for protection. The two police rolled into the parking lot and attempted an arrest, knocking Sterling to the sidewalk.

One shouted out, "He has a gun."

It was not in his hands.

The incident was recorded by cellphone.

It might not be judge and jury, but the video clearly shows the police officer shooting Sterling point-blank in the chest.

The father of two died on the scene.

Another black man, Philando Castile, was murdered by a Minneapolis cop after he declared he was legally carrying a weapon on him. His girlfriend recorded the killing on her phone. The police took her and her daughter into custody.

This was murder in the second degree.

No accident.

People were outraged.

The Bahamanian government issued a travel warning to its citizens.

Protests called for justice.

In Dallas at a Black Lives Matter march a single gunman, Micah Johnson, attacked white police officer with an automatic weapon. The ex-soldier killed 5 and wounded 7. The police stopped his revenge rampage with a drone robot bomb.

It was obvious that America had reached a tipping point with the police killers on one side and blacks on another.

The protests continued with a large march in Baton Rouge.

The police riot squads responded with excessive force.

Typically in military gear and ready to revenge the fallen officers.

This photo shows the difference between the people and the police.

Same as Tank Man in Beijing 1989

Or the peacenik protesting against the Viet-Nam War at the Pentagon in 1967.

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

ps a gunman got John Lennon too.

It was a bad week in America, but it's always darkest before the storm.

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