Saturday, January 26, 2013


The Phillie group The Trammps burned up the charts and dance floors with DISCO INFERNO in both 1976 and 1978.

A friend posted this another white boy's story on his Facebook page about DISCO INFERNO.

Back in the day I went to the Boston Arena to see the Trammps. I went with a friend. We were the only two white people in line. There was a huge crowd outside (without tickets). Someone grabbed my ticket out of my hand and ran into the crowd. I tried to follow him the crowd ganged up on me. A policeman broke it up asked me for a description. Realizing the futility of the moment, the officer escorted us to Mass Ave. We were upset so...nipples to the wind...we scurried over to The Shed for drinks.

Within the next hour, at the directive of the Tactical Police Force, the bar went into lock down with the few of us inside. There was a huge riot, as the unruly crowd without tickets tried to force their way into the Arena and went on a rampage through the neighborhood. Same thing happened at the Music Hall when Labelle played there.

Other than a couple of bruises, I was fine and ended up having a great time at the bar. We got SHITFACED with the bartender. I kept my crackah ass outa that area for a long time after that. See what you did to me with that post Bobby?......(I hate that fucking smiley face) But I'm smiling so there it is...IJS

Even the Trammps weren't all-black.

Their horn player was white to get them gigs at white clubs.

That's the way it was in the post-apartheid era in Amerika.

To hear DISCO INFERNO, please go to this URL

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You weren't the only white boy there. I ran the show with a few other guys. It was a disaster. I was only 18 years old and the first thing my parents saw on the 11 pm news was me being interviewed about what transpired. Not good.

Peter Nolan Smith said...

wasn't me is right. someone else wrote this. i saw the trampps at the sugar shack. a great band. i'm from the south shore. this guy must have drank at kelley's on the bridge

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