Sunday, January 27, 2013

Howling At The Moon

Susan Hannaford on Berlin posted on Facebook that this evening's full moon was known as the Wolf Moon. The title comes from Native Americans of the Northern Forests, because of the lupine choirs heard around their villages and encampments in the depth of winter. The Sioux called January the time 'when wolves run together'" Th howling of wolves cast a chill into the marrow of humans, since the howls are often sounded to assemble for the kill. In ideal conditions a wolf howl can be heard over 50 sq. mi. according to Wikipedia. As for howling at the moon this legend arose from the Neolithic coupling of wolves with the moon and the hunt, although the Seneca believed the moon was created by the serenade of wolves. My father had a favorite joke, which could be told to all ages. What's gray, howls at the moon, and is made of concrete? Most people are stumped by the query and are angered to hear the answer, "A wolf." "But why the concrete?" And here comes the punch line. "That's to make the joke harder." Ha ha ha.

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