Friday, January 18, 2013


In 1979 New York was an open city for artists and the greatest rising star of the downtown scene was Jean-Michel Basquiat. The iconic grafittist branched out from painting to form GRAY, a noise band with friends Shannon Dawson, Michael Holman, Nick Taylor, Wayne Clifford and Vincent Gallo. They played at Max's, Tier 3, CBGB, Hurrah, and the Mudd Club. I saw GRAY more than once and more than once was enough for me, but the band had a dedicated following and their music was featured in the film Edo's DOWNTOWN 81. The band dissolved as the members pursued various paths; Vincent Gallo to Hollywood, Michael Holman to hip-hop impressario, and Shannon Dawson to play trumpet for KONK. GRAY faded into the woodwork of memories until Nick Taylor and Michael Holman resurrected the group for a performance at the New Museum on the Bowery. I attended the concert expecting the worst, but was impressed by impact of the the Holman/Taylor collaboration in resurrecting GRAY through a collage of images, movies, voice recordings, and live music proving that yesterday can re-exist today. This Sunday GRAY will be released a vinyl LP I sadly will be upstate pruning an apple orchard. The things I do for money. But if you have the time, check out GRAY. GRAY VINYL LP RELEASE PARTY! SUNDAY, JANUARY 20TH! 9PM-2AM @ NURSE BETTIE, 106 NORFOLK STREET (BETWEEN DELANCEY & RIVINGTON) F TRAIN STOP “DELANCEY/ESSEX” STATION (917)434-9072) $4.00 DRINKS, FREE ADMISSION, SIGNED LPS ON SALE FOR $15.00! D.J. HIGH PRIEST & MONEY MIKE HOLMAN WILL BE SPINNING RECORDS ON THE ONES AND TWOS! HOSTESS: BRYN

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