Sunday, January 13, 2013


Marlene Dietrich achieved international acclaim with her 1930 performance as Lola the gold-digging cabaret singer in BLUE ANGEL. Paramount Studios promoted the German actress as a rival to MGM's Greta Garbo. Von Sternberg guided his star to success in MOROCCO, DISHONORED, BLONDE VENUS, and SHANGHAI EXPRESS by heightening her beauty through the illusions of light and shadow. Her swift rise in Hollywood was followed by the fall and she was declared 'box office poison' in the mid 1930s. Offered lucrative contracts by the Nazis, Dietrich remained in the USA and became a staunch supporter of the Allied War Effort. After the war she wowed audience around the war with her stage performance and few songs were better than her version of Pete Seeger's WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE. Where indeed? A great lady and a great song. To hear WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE by Marlene Dietrich please go to the following URL

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