Sunday, March 13, 2016

Signori Mona Lisa

Scholars have long sought the identity of the cryptic smiler of the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre.

Lisa del Giocondo, Isabella of Aragon, Cecilia Gallerani, Costanza d'Avalos, Duchess of Francavilla, Isabella d'Este, Pacifica Brandano or Brandino, Isabela Gualanda, and Caterina Sforza lead the list, but my ducats are on Salfi, Da Vinci's lover, whose smile in the painting below matched that of the Mona Lisa.

Minus the beard of course.

Not my type at all.

Hairy body.


It's enough to turn a man straight.

At least me, although Leonardo Da Vinci was another story.

Then again he was a genius with a tight anus.

No wonder Mona Lisa wears a smile.

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