Monday, April 18, 2016

Hillary Not At Her Best

I have always felt that if someone takes a good photo of you or paints you in a flattering light likes you or has been paid enough money to alter your image to bless you with good light.

Sarah Sole painted an uncomplimentary portrait of Hillary Clinton, which the painter defended by saying of MY PRIVATE HILLARY, “This started with a stock news photo of Hillary from the press conference she gave in March, addressing for the first time her choice on email server. I watched from a far, literally from outside the country, and I remember thinking, ‘She looks like a deer in the headlights.’ I then found tons of photos displaying just that. But they also contained a look of resignation, not that she was resigned to leave the race but resigned to the headlights. Here she is as her most private self, in a Motor Inn in Iowa on a particularly exhausting day to come on the campaign trail, and the headlights are still on.”

I have to admit I know that feeling.

Finishing a day and thinking tomorrow will be the same.

Sarah Sole was kinder to the presidential hopeful in EASY RIDER and said of the painting, “This is how my Hillary odyssey will end. She will ride off into the sunset, leaving the storm clouds behind. And like all the women I’ve ever been with, she will leave better off than me.”

And who wouldn't be after getting paid over $300,000 for a corporate speech.

To see more renditions of Hillary by Sarah Sole please go to the following URL

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