Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Balance of Excess

Back in the late 80s Gold Gyms opened a place on Lafayette Street in the East Village. I hadn't thought anyone would go in such a counter-culture neighborhood, but within three days the place was packed by punks, artists, dancers, bankers et al.

"I played basketball.


Gyms were my thing.

Each to his own, but Gold's Gym had large windows facing the sidewalk.

Tread-millers and iron pushers lined the front machines to indulge in narcissistic body-buffing. None of the passers-by stopped to watch the muscle-popping routines, since they were guilted by the display of physicality into thinking they should be in the gym too.

My friend Griffin Shea and I were in a different mind.

The East Village didn't need any stinking gym, so one sunny afternoon we planted two chaisse-lounges on the sidewalk before Gold Gym and sat comfortably in the shade,drinking beer and eating pizza. The Gym rats hated us. We didn't care. We were happy.

LIfe was all balance.

Discipline within.

Chaos on the outside.

To see FAT MAN EATS PIZZA IN GYM, please go to the URL

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