Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Void Of War

In the 12th or 13th Century the Achaeans amassed an invasion army to vanquish the City of Troy. The formidable walls of their rival resisted nine years of siege, but finally Ulysses tricked the Trojans with a wooden horse secretly filled with Greek warriors. That night Troy was put to the torch and the the collapse of the great city initiated centuries of chaos throughout Asia Minor.

The USA accomplished the same inglorious result with the fall of Saddam. Iraq survives in anarchy. Syria suffers from a long civil war. Turkey seeks to subjugate the Kurds, and Saudi Arabia wages genocide against the Yemeni, while militants bomb Europe to punish the Western nations for their trespasses against the Muslims of the Levant and elsewhere around the world.

The mercenaries of the Saudis have no problem with bombing civilian targets.

Death and destruction reign supreme.

No one dares speak of peace.

That word is for dangerous to the rulers of this world than an atomic bomb, because with peace comes the end of social injustice.

Peace in our time.

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