Thursday, April 14, 2016

List Of Sex B-C-D

There are twenty-six letters in the English Language.

The List of Sex contains hundreds of fetishes, desires, and sexual perversity.

Here are lettters B-C-D


BELONEPHILIA: Arousal from pins or needles

BIASTOPHILIA: Pleasure from forcible rape of a terrified stranger

BROMIDROPHILIA: Arousal from bodily smells

The Bs might have been short, but the Cs and Ds make up for it.


CANOPHILIA: Turned on by dogs

CATAGELOPHILIA: Love of being ridiculed

CHASMOPHILIA: Attraction to nooks, crannies, crevices, and chasms

CHEIMAPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from cold or winter

CHREMATISTOPHILIA: Arousal from being charged for sex or robbed

CHRYSOPHILIA: Arousal from gold or golden objects

CLAUSTROPHILIA: Love of being confined in small places

COPROPHILIA: A fancier of feces

CRATOLAGNIA: Arousal from strength

CRUROPHILIA: Sexual arousal from legs

Cs were better than the Bs, although none of these fantasies turn me on. Maybe I'll fare better with Ds.


DACRYPHILIA: Arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of a partner

DORAPHILIA: Love of animal skins

DYSTYCHIPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from accidents

And that's that.

Next up.


I might find something I like there.

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