Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beautiful Gerry Vasco @ AMP Gallery Provincetown

AMP Gallery is very pleased and excited to invite you to an Opening Reception

June 10, 6-9 PM of photographs and videos by Bobby Busnach, David Macke, Alice O'Malley, Ethan Shoshan, Gail Thacker, Conrad Ventur, Jamie Casertano, Bobby Miller, David Chick, and Shaari Neretin!

The Opening will also feature a special performance by Billy Hough & Susan Goldberg at 7:30!! Free!

Look forward to welcoming you! __________ June 10 through June 30 | OPENING June 10, 6-9 PM Bobby Busnach: "Fags Hags and Wannabees: Scenes of Tribal Grit, Glam & Camp from the 70s" David Macke: “chthon-ic” 2016 Alice O'Malley: "Lesbian Poetry" Ethan Shoshan: "Screen Tests for Disappearing into the Ocean" Gail Thacker: "Polaroid Theatre" Conrad Ventur: "Atlantis" Jamie Casertano: "I've Been Here Before" Bobby Miller: "Cookie Mueller" David Chick: "Holly Woodlawn" Shaari Neretin: "Sound Bytes: Mass(ive) Consumption"

AMP: Art Market Provincetown 432 Commercial St, Provincetown, Massachusetts 02657

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