Sunday, June 12, 2016

Libre Puerto Rico

On September 12th of 1983 Víctor Manuel Gerena dropped off his girl at Hartford City Hall to get a marriage license after which the minimum-wage guard finished the day's work at Wells Fargo armored car facility by drugging his two white co-workers and robbing the depot of $7,000,000 in cash. His girlfriend was stranded at the altar and the FBI accused the fugitive of belonging to a pro-Puerto Rican Liberation gang called the Los Macheteros.

Víctor Manuel Gerena and the money was transported to Puerto Rico, where members of Los Macheteros distributed the loot to the island's poor.

The FBI confiscated approximately $80,000 in the years after the White Eagle Robbery and federal authorities prosecuted several gang members, however Víctor Manuel Gerena remains at large to this day, Puerto Rico Day and every day the fugitive sets another record for being on the FBI's Most Wanted List longer than any other man or woman.

Felicitations and a clenched fist salute to the FALN.

Libre Puerto Rico.

ps The FBI are dumber than a bucket of doorknobs.

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