Sunday, June 12, 2016

Polar Flight Seat #60A

Seat 60A in a window.

I slept most of the journey over the pole, waking occasionally to peer out the 777's porthole.

Below was the long Arctic night and overhead five stars were visible through the pitted flexi-glass.

Virgin was offering a real Space voyage to intrepid 'astronauts'.

$200,000 to ride Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Enterprise 250,000 feet to the very edge of Space. A porthole vista of the cosmos and 5 minutes of freedom from gravity. The space terminal will be in New Mexico. Not far from Roswell.

There have been no shortage of prospective passengers opting to witness the miracle of the universe such as the strange swirling Aurora Borealis seen over the Norway several years ago.

I have only seen the Northern Lights twice in my life.

Neither was on this last trip over the pole.

The sky was as black as night.

As far as the eye could see above and below.

Unless you counted the old Chinese woman asleep next to me.

She was so celestial.

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