Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pattaya Time Warp - Photos from 1969

Sam Royalle emailed this photo.

Paradise 1969 although Hell was only a few hundred miles away in Vietnam.

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These photos were taken by a GI on holiday. Amazing. No Big-C. No traffic. No plastic bags in the water. No Russians, lager louts, or bikers. There is no trick photography. That's how it was. Not that I knew. I was a draft dodger and I'm still trying to get my anti-war pension from the Pentagon. Maybe I'll have more luck now that Obama is in office.

"Hey Ho We Won't Go."

But I would have gone to Pattaya in a heartbeat.

How could I have known?

We were so much younger then.

Pattaya Tai

The future site of Bali Hai

Pattaya Beach.

The old pier.

The beach.

From the admiral's hill.

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