Wednesday, June 8, 2016


The 1967 March on the Pentagon showed the US government the depth and commitment of antiwar protestors. Armed troops prevented demonstrators from mounting the War Department's steps, but the hippies and radicals put flowers in the rifle barrels of the soldiers guarding the Citadel of Death. They were arrested in the hundreds. Within years it was the thousands. American involvement in SE Asia waned without peace as B52s bombed Viet-Nam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Hillary Clinton's mentor, Henry Kissinger, was a main architect of the mayhem.

A true war criminal.

America has now been at war since 2002.

Palestine, Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Yemen, Syria and countless cities around the USA.

No one in America says a word.

The wars are fought without a witness.

The dead dying without comment.

The wounded suffer without respite.




That is the truth of Pax America.

And no one says a word.

Fuck them.

Bring the troops home.

Defund the Pentagon.

Arrest the war criminals.


It's the only way to the future.

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