Friday, September 21, 2012

All-Seeing Eye of the NYPD

As a child the nuns at Our Lady of the Foothills told us that God was all-seeing. Our every moves was surveilled by Our Father in heaven and the sisters seemed to be blessed with the same power. They had eyes in the back on their head and could catch us passing notes or misbehaving, which were amazing feats since they wore heavy wimples. My mother was a devout Catholic. As a reward for her faith God bestowed the telepathic vision. We couldn't get away with anything. Moving to New York granted me a degree of secrecy, but my cloak of invisibility is about to be trumped by the NYPD's teaming up with Microsoft to set up a $40 million monitoring system of video cameras, radiation detectors, and license plate readersto spy on its citizens in the name of catching criminals, traffic violators, parking infractions as well as the notorious New Yorker enjoying a beer on his or her stoop, The streets will be watched by the watchers. They will wear blue and they will be seeking any wrong-doers both in deed and thought. I can hardly wait. No one has been reading my thoughts, since my mother passed away in 1997. Not even me.

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