Saturday, September 8, 2012

Out My Window

Last night I saw the above photo posted on FB by John Argento, the owner of the Surf Bar in Jersey City. I looked out my window and saw the twin columns of light marking the approaching commemoration of 9/11. I called a friend on the phone. Eleven years ago he and I along with several other friends had watched the collapse from his roof. Billy answered the phone and I stopped speaking for a second, then started crying. "Pete, are you okay?" He thought "Yeah." I answered after a few seconds. It was a lie. "I'm looking at the twin lights over Manhattan and thought about you." "It's eleven years." "Not to me." I can smell the smoke to this day. "Me neither. Are you okay?" "Yeah, I guess so." "You take care, brother." "I will." And we will never forget.

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