Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kill The Poor

Economists tout Thailand as a success story of economic development with poverty levels drastically dropping over the past two decades, however the division of justice between rich and poor was sadly marked by a fatal accident in Bangkok, in which an heir to the Red Bull energy drink fortune purportedly killed a policeman with his Ferrari. Officers friendly to the family tried to cover up the crime for the 27 year-old by claiming someone else was at the wheel of his sports cars when it struck the officer's motorcycle from behind, but in Thailand 'get out of jail' cards can be trumped without explanation, although Huffington Post reported that Bangkok's police commissioner, Comronwit Toopgrajank said, "We will not let this police officer die without justice. Believe me." Believe me is better than trust me, however verdicts for the poor are meted out by the police at he moment of arrest. Thai police like their uniformed compatriots around the world like to close a case fast and the accused willingly accept their guilt rather than risk the wrath of the 'tam-luat'. Kon Yai or 'big people' get away with murder, while a young ja-bah dealer will get a year for 10 pills or 'tuahs'. And this case will be shelved once the price is right and 'ya sao sai hai ga gin', for no one likes their dirty linin seen in public.

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