Monday, September 17, 2012

My Naked Breasts

The Royal Family of England was outraged by the publication of topless photos of the potential future queen of Britain. No one back in the 1940s would have dared shot HR Princess Elizabeth skindipping at Balmoral Castle. Newspapers respected the Crown back then and now newspapers strived to violate the privacy of the rich and famous to sell copies to the poor and unknown. Buckingham Palace has threatened lawsuits against any publication displaying the naked photos and the Irish Daily Star has closed to avoid any legal action against its overstepping the bounds of lese majeste, but the Italian magazine CHI, which is owned by former PM Berscolini, has responded to this edict by splashing the photos on the front cover. Having seen the Duchess' breasts I decided to shave my chest to see, if her highness' set were more beautiful than my moobs or man boobs. One look in the mirror told the truth. Duchess Kate is the prettiest of all. Even in a photo taken from a kilomoter away from the terrace in the South of France. Beauty is beauty is beauty, but there is no privacy any more. Not unless you close your shades. ps I'm doing the world a favor by not published a photo of my moobs.

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