Saturday, September 29, 2012


My landlord subscribes to the New Yorker. I read it from time to time. Never all of it, but I pick and choose the articles and several years ago I was drawn to Joan Accocela's THE ANNALS OF DRINKING / A Few Too Many, which was probably the best-written piece to be published in the esteemed magazine in decades. For once they featured writing more to my pseudo-intellectual tastes, especially with key search words such as hang-over, alcohol, and Kingsley Amis.

The article taught that hang-overs occur when the blood/alcohol index returns to zero brought on the dehydrating trips to the bathroom, so holding it is better than constant relief visits to the bathroom throughout the night, although an overloaded bladder would produce more anxiety than a hang-over.

The writer dated hang-overs to the Stone Age and offered insight into the source of the word hang-over plus several foreign alternatives.

Danish is the best "Carpenters in my head."

As for cures the writer heralded Andrew Irving's HOW TO CURE A HANGOVER and also RU-21 a KGB remedy for 'A few too many'.

No drinking man or woman should miss this piece, so please click on the following URL

Never have so many been help by one person.

The Jack Palance photo is featured, since Attila the Hun famously fell off his horse while drunk, caught pneumonia, and died the next day. The Huns supposedly hid his corpse to avoid desecration, but some historians think his bodyguard were too hung over to find it.

Thursday morning I woke up this morning with a hang-over and couldn't figure out why I recalled drinking champagne combined with wine.

Never a good combination, but I survived the dawn thanks to the frosty Stella Artois' stuck in my refrigerator.


It's never forever.

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