Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Barack Obama Jokes

Fat White American Men don't like Barack O'Bama.

He's thin, good-looking, and can shoot a three.

They are scared that white ascendency in the USA is on the wan under his leadership.

The FWAM make jokes about teh president same as I did under the oppresively fucked-up regime of that coke-snorthing draft-dodging GW BUSH

Here's a small sampling;

Q. What Bruce Springsteen song always makes Obama grin?
A. “Born in the U.S.A.”

Q. What's the difference between Obama opponents and Obama supporters?
A. The first group works for a living while the second group votes for a living.

Q. Why does Obama keep jacking up the cost of gasoline?
A. So that voters can't afford to drive to the polls in November.

I say fuck raising the price of gas so the fat white American men can't vote, have the workers at 7/11 roofie their Slurpies on Election Day.

So watch out for those SUVs.

The people in them are fatter than they appear in your rearview mirror.

To see more Obama joke, go to this site

at least they weren't saying 'nigger'

But they wish they could.


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