Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Registered Voter

"Vote early and vote often." This classic call supposedly originated with New York's Tammany Hall paying 'repeaters' $5 to vote multiple times. According to Wikipedia Richard Henry Dana, Jr. to his friend Lord Radstock saying, "The side which has the greater number of dishonest men will poll the most votes. The war cry, "Vote early and vote often!" and the familiar problem, "how to cast the greatest number of votes with the smallest number of voters", indicate the direction in which the dangers lie." Years ago I was registered in Boston and twice in New York. I only voted under one name, but thought about voting three times to add extra weight against the GOP. Thought is a sin in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Only a deed is considered a crime by the law. Yesterday I went to 345 Adams Street to register to vote in Brooklyn. I have no allegiance to a political party, although I will vote for Barack Obama again. I suggest everyone register too. It's a right the GOP would rather you not exercise. To register in Brooklyn go to the Board of Elections; 345 Adams Street, 4 Fl Brooklyn, NY 11201 Tel: 1.718.797.8800 It take five minutes.

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