Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Simple Math, You Idiot

Yesterday a radical friend posted a video of the comedienne Sara Silverman lambasting the GOP for radically altering the ID requirements for voting across the country. The courts have been knocking down these laws passed by republican-dominated state legislatures, however over 21,000,000 Americans, mostly the elderly, poor, military, and students don't have state-issued IDs. The response to my friend's posting ranged from outrage to utter dismay, however one person entered this comment; "I didn't read the articles on this or watch much of Sarah's video... but what's the big deal about asking for ID? Who doesn't have a gov't ID these days? Sarah said 21 million people don't have ID... aren't there 225 million in the country? Doesn't seem THAT bad. Doesn't seem like it would do much to affect the outcome of the race if those are the numbers." Those who don't know history are doomed to fuck up more than once and I wrote; "You stupid fuck, there are over 310,000,000 citizens of this country. Some are under 18. the poll officials are asking for driver's licenses and 21 million people don't have them, but do have other forms of ID acceptable to banks et al. wake up. the 2000 election was decided by less than 450,000 voters. Wait a second Al Gore got more votes than GW Bush, so maybe 21 million people denied the right to vote wouldn't effect the result. It's amazing how little people don't know when they choose to be stupid. To See Sara Silverman's torried denouncement of voter suppression, please go to the following URL

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