Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Inside Attacks

The NATO and ISAF troops in Afghanistan are approaching the eleventh year of occupation of that war-torn country. They have fought the Taliban in armed battles, suffered IED attacks, and suicide bombing, however this year an increasing number of supposed Taliban infiltrators into the Afghani Army have turned their weapons on their instructors and foreign troops or what the IASF have termed 'Insider Attack'. More than fifty foreign soldiers have been killed or wounded in these 'insider attacks' or 'green on blue', forcing commanders to restrict contact between the Allies of the Afghan government and the Afghan Army. The entire Taliban accusation smacks of misinformation, for some of these attacks come after instructors have berated recruits in a Camp Pendleton fashion or argued with Afghani soldiers over command issues, but the military have focused on the other side and closed training of police throughout Afghanistan. To misquote GW Bush "mission unaccomplished'. And the UN Secretary General has finally said the obvious; "From now until the end of 2014 you may see adaptation of our presence. Our troops can redeploy, take on other tasks, or even withdraw, or we can reduce the number of foreign troops. If the security situation allows, I would not exclude the possibility that in certain areas you could accelerate the (withdrawal) process." Bring the troops home. ps the name of the last US fatality is Stephens, Riley G. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. He died from a green on blue attack.

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