Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Colonel Tarleton's Boots

Banastre Tarleton's family's fortune was founded by his paternal grandfather's dealing in the slave trade. The shipowner's grandson blew through his inheritance on women, wine, and cards. With his last money Banastre purchased an officer's commission in the 1st Dragoon Guards.

Tarleton served throughout the American Revolution with the notorious British Legion.

He spared no one quarter, but proved effective in the field against the rebels, thus escaping dishonor for various outrages against prisoners, civilians, and women.

After the war Tarleton sat in Parliament.

He married a beautiful actress after winning her on a bet with the King.

The villain led a long life.

I had a pair of boots much those in his portrait by Lady Reynolds.

His were handmade in London.

Mine were from Thom McAnn.

They fell apart in the snow.

Banastre's probably are in a museum in Britain.

They honor villains in that country.

Here too.

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