Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Steroid Cops On The Prowl

The Police have wage war on the lower classes for ages. Their provocateurs have instigated riots, their ranks are strengthened by racism, and the bosses reward their murderous attitude toward the underprivileged, however in recent years their brutal reign of terror against the black communities of America have come under scrutiny thanks to cellphone videos capturing the shootings and beatings of unarmed victims from Rodney King in LA to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri or Tamir Rice in Cleveland or Eric Garner in Staten Island.

"He had a gun."

This line of defense has been blindly accepted by White America, who view the Police as a defense against a black uprising seeking revenge for the centuries of slavery and oppression.

"I felt threatened by the suspect."

The Police's violent nature has been enhanced by Homeland Security training to consider all non-police or non-whites to be a terrorist and the addition of steroid abuse by the Police has given them itchy trigger fingers.

People are shot to be brought down for good and then left in the street to bled out like Akai Gurley in a public housing stairwell after he was killed by an NYPD officer.

NBC news described the shooting as an accident.

And who can forget Amadou Diallo's murder when cocaine-high cops shot off 41 rounds at the unarmed street merchant and hit him 19 times?

His crime?


The demilitarization of the police and a strict ban on steroids are long overdue.

Plus they should no longer responded to 911 emergency medical calls.

They are only trained to kill.

Not serve.


Poor Tamir Rice.

Shot without a chance.

And the killers keep their jobs.


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