Thursday, September 29, 2016

The End Of Cars Is Neigh

The Indian tribes of the West have unified to stop the Dakotan pipeline from crossing their ancient grounds.

Yesterday the North Dakotan governor sent in the Bismarck Police backed by armored vehicles. They are standing their ground to support the pipeline's progress. The Indians refuse to move. The police hold shotguns. The Indians gave them flowers. The cops arrested 25 protestors.

This is an oil spill on dry land seeping into a river.

This is the desire of the oil companies.

Pure evil serving an even greater evil.

The car.

And overconsumption.

But one day it will all be gone and the world will be be good.

As for the human race.

Population of Earth 2050 = 500 million.

And that's an optomistic guess.

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