Thursday, September 8, 2016

No Hurricanes. Not Himicanes Either

Hurricanes and tropical storms form in the tropical waters off Africa. The trade winds push the mammoth storms across the Atlantic Ocean. They strike the Caribbean Islands, Central America, Mexico, and the United States with savage regularity. The meteorolgists give them names.

Katrina in 2005 was the worst hurricane in recent history and her tidal surge overwhelm the New Orleans flood system, wreaking death and destruction up and down the Gulf Coasts.

Hurricane Sandy in 2012 inundated New Jersey and New York, sparing nothing in its watery path.

Global Warming was blamed for the ferocity of these storms, however for the past few years hurricane season hasn't produced any storms of note.

Last week Hurricane Hermine wandered into the central Atlantic after chewing up coastal road in the Carolinas.

Right now two smallish depression are meandering west.

Neither are predicted to swell into monsters.

But the season is still young and hurricanes have a nasty habit of hitting land at the least best time.

Maybe we'll be lucky this year.

Being lucky is good.

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