Saturday, September 3, 2016

The world Is 4Q - TV Fish

4Q serves a cryptic abbreviation for the most spoken phrase in theEnglish language.

People say these two words more than 'I love you' or 'huh'.

A variation of the term is 'snafu', which means 'situation normal all fucked up', which is exactly what I have to say after reading the a 2006 article from the WASHINGTON POST.

WASHINGTON - Abnormally developed fish, possessing both male and female characteristics, have been discovered in the Potomac River in the District and in tributaries across the region, federal scientists say -- raising alarms that the river is tainted by pollution that drives hormone systems haywire.

The fish, smallmouth and largemouth bass, are naturally males but for some reason are developing immature eggs inside their sex organs. Their discovery at such widely spread sites, including one just upstream from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, seems to show that the Potomac's problem with "intersex" fish extends far beyond the West Virginia stream where they were first found in 2003.

The cause of the abnormalities is unknown, but scientists suspect a class of waterborne contaminants that can confuse animals' growth and reproductive systems. These pollutants are poorly understood, however, leaving many observers with questions about what the problems in fish mean for the Potomac and the millions of people who take their tap water from it.

Ka-toey fish. I knew fish were freaking from too much caffeine in the water. because my last time  in the states I couldn't catch anything. The fish were freaked by the Starbucks excess morning wake-up entering into the national water courses, but TV fish?

Even if there was a God he didn't create a he, she, and she-im fish. Not to get on Noah's Ark or swimming under it.

something is fishy in the world and it's not Denmark.

Ladyboy fish?

Mermaids okay.

But if the fish can bear fruit, what about the humans drinking the water.

Men keep a good look-out on that beer belly.

It might be more than that and being pregnant won't be easy to explain to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or same-sex union person who shares for health benefits.

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