Saturday, September 3, 2016

Two-Headed Headlines

This week the Wall Street Journal came out with two banners on Donald Trump's surprise visit to speak with the Mexican President.

The second daily edition for Austin, Texas stating TRUMP SOFTENS HIS TONE was followed later by a banner declaring TRUMP TALKS TOUGH ON WALL.

The internet was aglow with accusation of doctoring the truth, but Colleen Schwartz, the Vice President of Communications at The Wall Street Journal, confirmed that these editions were printed at different times, not in different markets.

I believe her, but all my friends know she is lying.

In the words of Frank Sinatra, "All newspaper reporters are fags, pimps, and whores."

In 1974 he shocked an Australian audience by saying, "The press keep chasing after us. We have to run all day long. They're parasites who take everything and give nothing. And as for the broads who work for the press, they're the hookers of the press. I might offer them a buck and a half I'm not sure."

And man were those Aussie convicts pissed.

The future Australian PM Bob Hawke said, "If you don't apologize, you won't leave Australia, unless you walk on water."

Old Blue Eyes was trapped for three days and nights in his hotel.

The siege ended with a visit from Bob Hawke.

I have no respect for them at all after how they allowed the Bush administration to lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction to convince the American people into a war with Iraq.

In my eyes every the newspapers publish is a lie, but once you accept that, then you can learn the truth by reversing their statements.

The truth will out.

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