Monday, September 26, 2016

Penal Retirement In Norway

America offers no refuge for the aged.

State governments have turned their back on the old and the Federal agencies neglect the needy.

For years my retirement plan had been to fly to Norway and rob a bank.

The Norwegian courts would sentence me to a long prison term.

Conditions in Norway's prisons offered pleasant accommadations in comparison to the hellholes of the USA; Rikers, Angola, McCallen et al. Cells had televisions, computers, integral showers and sanitation, however the recent influx of refugees have overloaded the Nordic jails and the Norwegian government has been deporting thousands of prisoners to their native lands, so now there's no room for me in prison.


I was so looking forward to my incarceration and pray for the day when bank robbers will be treated as guests of Norway.

Otherwise I'll be living on the street.

It's the place to be.

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