Saturday, September 3, 2016

Okie Quake

This morning a 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck northern Oklahoma. The tremor's epicenter located around Pawnee, the seat of Green County was the strongest quake in recent history for the Great Plains, knocking down a wall of an old building in Pawnee. People felt the seismic shaking as far away as Austin, Texas, resurrecting more concerns about the dangers fracking presents to the tectonic plates>

Pumping greased water into the ground is dangerous, but I blame this earthquake on morbidly obese Okies shopping for their BBQs at the Pawnee Walmart.

Too much weight in one place at one time and the earth crusts crackles like a potato chip, proving that fracking and obesity are a danger combination.

Especially if you throw in Walmarts.

There's nothing in the USA worst than that.

Even in Pawnee.

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