Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Extinct Ludes

From a friend My favorite quaalude adventure took place @ the Hyatt Regency Hotel sunday afternoon tea dance in the gigantic lobby that had a fountain in the center w/a bench surrounding the pool of water. My 3 friends & I had taken quaaludes on our way to the dance and by the time we arrived, we were obliterated. I sat on the bench for a few minutes, then laid back into the pond and fell in completely under water with all of my clothes on. I remember being underwater, looking up and hearing the muffled sounds of the orchestra and thinking how serene it was. At that moment, a security guard reached in and pulled me out by my shirt collar. He stood and watched me as I took off my boots and dumped the water into the pool, then when I took my shirt off and wrung it out he politely told me shirts were required so I put it back on. He then walked away and left me and my equally wasted date to ourselves. Later that evening, I slept through an entire Lou Reed concert still wearing my soaked clothes. oblivion is always easier to achieve than enlightenment - james steele

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