Friday, August 31, 2012

Roofie The GOP

A lot of my liberal friends are shunning their GOP comptriots in this preseason of the presidential election. FH wrote on facebook the following; i am shocked that some of my friends are for Romney/Ryan .I am a total bad judge of character. If you are suddenly defriended you will know why. Enjoy you fantasy. I suggested to FH, a Bushwick painter, "Tell your friends this. Listen, I'm voting for Obama. You're voting for romney. Our votes cancel out each other, so let's not vote at all and save the gas and time on election day." If they're voting for Williard Romney then one or two of them will be stupid enough to believe you FH's friend wrote later "I have already gotten up from a couple of dinners and conversations never to return - when people mention that they are republicans. That is a filth/dirt/stain you cannot wash off." I'm much more forgiving. "I don't leave the table until I've drunk all the wine and then stiff them with the bill, plus I like calling them names and telling them once we repossess their homes for the revolution that we'll be shipping them to re-education camps. No more potato chips. No more SUVs. All their daughters will be strippers and their sons working as street sweepers along the highways, but even better is to roofie your GOP friends the night before the election or dose them with LSD so they see the light. It's all about hope, isn't it?

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