Friday, August 24, 2012

Up Or Down

Toilets were invented in the third modern millennium BC and the question of toilet seat up or down has plagued mankind throughout the ages. Men lift the seat to prevent splatter and women keep it down during their business. Men sometimes forget to put down the seat, creating the potential for a woman rushing into the bathroom to relieve herself only to dunk her butt onto the porcelain bowl. Men call this the moon dunk. Women fail to find this term humorous, but some females consider sitting on a toilet seat dirty and cover it with toilet paper. The more the merrier. A woman explained the conundrum by saying, "Men are always moving some part of the lavatory up or down - seat up to pee, seat down to poo. So they're used to the machinations. Women, on the other hand, don't need to move nuthin' - never (unless a man was there before her). It's annoying - simple as that." Mystery solved or open for discussion. Personally I leave up the toilet seat so women will know I didn't wet it. I call that being considerate. Women call it something else. None of it good.

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